Web 2.0 + iPods + Pedagogy = Pedagogy 2.0 or perhaps iPedagogy… or maybe…?

Well regardless of perfect definition and to play with the hype of certain buzz technologies, this blog is about sharing resources, and exploring the use of emerging technologies for instruction; ala Web 2.0, podcasting, blog, wiki, educational gaming (ok, simulation), etc.

For example, with the release of the 5th generation iPods, and their support of video, the iPod has become a true multimedia device, with considerable instructional potential. It does make some amount of sense to take a ubiquitous device, such as the iPod, that allows one to store massive amounts of media (images, audio, video, text) and utilize this device for instruction. As an instructional technology consultant at Indiana University I am often approached by faculty who are interested in incorporating media into their course in some way. A colleague and I began to make the possible connections between what many instructors already want–to utilize digital media in their courses–and what many students already own–iPods. We recently offered a workshop on iPod for Instruction at TLTC. It was so popular that we are going to offer it again later this spring or summer.

This blog is about exploring these potentials and others…


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