HTML on the iPod: Beyond Podcasting and Coursecasting

Podcasting and coursecasting have gotten much of the buzz lateley, especially in higer education. As an example, the Chronicle of Higher Education has devoted quite a few articles to the topic, not to mention the LA Times and Washington Post, just to name a few.

Certainly podcasting, (coursecasting / lecturecasting) is quite a buzz-word topic around college campuses these days, but the iPod has some additional interesting pedagogical implications for both students and instructors that go beyond just coursecasting.

HTML on your iPod?
The iPod (most generations), supports a subset of html for linking to other files on the iPod, as well as to songs/images in the music library. Apple provides a how-to pdf document that goes into more detail. This has interesting implications for extending course content well beyond the classroom and into the real world. This would allow an instructor to provide additional material to the student, including images, sounds, spoken instructions and further elaboration while the student is physically in the context and surrounding that is being discussed. Imagine an art history professor having the ability to further elaborate on course content without having to be physically present with each student in a museum. This could apply to nearly any other real world context an instructor might imagine, including, biology, history, physics, and architecture.

Some examples can be found around the web, I’ve completed a few prototypes myself for use in the iPod for Instruction workshops that we’ve been holding here at TLTC. I created the mini iPod web sites manually by coding the html, but if you are not comfortable with coding html there are some tools available for help.

Here are a few resources to help get you thinking about uses for the iPod beyond coursecasting.

  • iWriter (Mac & PC)For creating html on the iPod
  • List of iPod Software
  • Searchable compendium of software for iPod+iTunes
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