Campus Technology: CAO 2.0, Tech-Savvy Chief Academic Officers

I came across this Campus Technology article a few months back, and thought it would be a great article to share. I definitely recommend reading the entire article for some good examples, case-studies, and context, but here are 5 Top Takeaways from the article:

Five Top Takeaways of Tech-Savvy CAOs:

  1. First decide what it is that you are trying to achieve or accomplish. Don’t try to keep up with technology for its own sake, says Russell Willis, recently of Champlain College. It’s surprising how many school technologists and administrators forget this very simple rule.
  2. Don’t assume one size fits all. Always recognize “how different the various parts of a university can be,” advises Marshall Goodman, USF-Lakeland (formerly of San Jose State).
  3. Don’t bank on cost savings. According to Scott McNall, CSU-Chico, “There are efficiencies of scale that can be achieved in selected classes but, generally, the technologies require a greater investment of time and resources.”
  4. Don’t demand converts. “What we try to do is encourage the faculty to use technology in the classroom, but by the same token, we don’t demand it, because we recognize that that’s not an appropriate way to approach this issue,” says Joseph McCormick II, Penn State-York.
  5. Cooperate with techies. Cross-functional groups of professors and IT people can develop much better courses than those created in isolation, says Bryon Grigsby, Centenary College.

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