iPod voice recording tests

We purchased both the Belkin TuneTalk Stereo, and the XtremeMac MicroMemo to compare features and quality. The MicroMemo outperformed the Belkin in audio quality hands down. There was no comparison between the two. In our testing of the Belkin model, our conversation from 2 feet away was barely audible, and wasn’t much better with the auto gain turned on. On the other hand, the MicroMemo audio quality was quite good. Below are our overall pros and cons for each:

MicroMemo Pros:
* good audio quality
* built-in speaker for instant replay
* flexible extended mic
* mic is detachable
* inexpensive: ($49 academic price) compared to others
* line in for external 3.5mm mic

MicroMemos Cons:
* unable to plug in power while MicroMemo is attached

Belkin Pros:
* includes a mini(4pin) usb port for plugging in power, while attached
* line in for external 3.5mm mic

Belkin Cons:
* no playback option or speaker
* poor recording quality
* autogain produces dramatic hissing
* expensive ($69) compared to MicroMemo
* included stand is worthless

We recommend the XtremeMac MicroMemo.

Please note: we have not tested the Griffin iTalkPro, as it has not yet been released! But here is a pre-release review from iLounge with links to their ratings of the other two devices.


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