Scrybe: Next Killer Web 2.0 App?

Scrybe is a very cool ‘looking’ Web 2.0 application that I’ve come across. It still seems to be in limited beta, but the hype–I mean–talk, thus far is very positive. It appears to be a set of tools (calendar, lists, thoughtpad, timezone management) with sharing features, and a plethora of time and task management tools, plus lots of “ajaxification”. The applications seem similar to that of Google Calendar, Google Docs, and applications from 37signals, etc., but from viewing the demo videos, scrybe may add even more polish and features than we’ve yet to see from emerging Web 2.0 applications. The work offline feature is something I’m particularly interested in. See the following list of videos on YouTube.

Well you may ask, what does all of this have to do with teaching and learning? New innovative technology can often have positive implications in any domain, and that is why I’m sharing. These technologies and tools have the potential to increase collaboration and communication in higher education, both in classroom management, and in teaching and learning. How about we brainstorm potential uses of tools like this for higher ed. Please feel invited to post comments, and share any ideas, or other interesting tools that you may have come across…

Note: I signed up for a limited beta account to Scrybe quite a while ago, but I’m still waiting and hoping to get an email invitation. If I do get a beta account, I’ll share my Scrybe experiences here…


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