New & Cool Web 2.0 Technologies

On probably one of the last posts before the end of 2006, I wanted to do something on cool new Web 2.0 technologies. Having been a guest commentator on the Teach with Tech podcast with Chris Essex yesterday (download in iTunes), and building on some of my previous posts about Web 2.0, I thought I would bring some of that discussion to this blog with a top 5 list of recent cool Web 2.0 applications that I’ve come across. Please feel invited to comment and share your own list as well.

Top 5 list of cool Web 2.0 applications:

  1. Vyew is a free web conferencing and collaboration tool that compares to Adobe Breeze. Thus far, I have been very impressed with its functionality and ease of use. Check it out, and signup for a free account at:
  2. The list wouldn’t be complete without an homage to Google Labs, which has a list of cool applications to numerous to mention all of them here. For example, see google docs, google notebook, google page creator, google reader.
  3. Although still in limited beta, Scrybe is getting a lot of attention, and proves to be a very cool and useful time and task management web application. Check it out at:
  4. Mogopop provides an easy way to create interactive notes content for iPods, allowing for mini text-based web sites that can link to audio, video, and other pages on your Video iPod. You can find mogopop at: If you’re interested in rolling your own, and not afraid of a little html, check out this O’Reilly MacDevCenter tutorial on Buliding Interactive iPod Experiences.
  5. Elggspaces is a site for creating your own social networks for collaboration, learning, sharing, working, etc… Perhaps a nice Web 2.0 learning management system? Check it out at: There is also an established community created by elgg founders for people interested in education and technology, which can be found at

Also visit the Teach with Tech blog for links and notes from the episode 16 podcast on Web 2.0.


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