Teach with Tech Podcast: Episode 17

On Thursday I was delighted to join Chris Essex on his Teach with Tech podcast as a guest commentator. In the podcast we discuss the recent MacWorld Expo conference that Chris attended, and focus on the iPhone and AppleTV, which were announced at the keynote. We also talk about how these new technologies might be used by classroom teachers and higher ed faculty.

We also discussed some of our new favorite software packages, some of which we already use, and some that Chris discovered while attending Macworld Expo.

  • Toon Boom, Mac/Windows/Linux animation and storyboard software
  • Toast 8 Titanium, Mac disc-burning software
  • Slick Transitions & Effects, Mac special effect plugins for iMovie
  • Civilization IV, a Mac/Windows history/politics simulation game
  • Sims 2, a Mac/Windows people simulation game
  • SubEthaEdit, a Mac text editor with synchronous collaboration features
  • Profcast, a Mac program that allows you to convert your Powerpoint and Keynote presentations into screencasts/videocasts.

You can watch the full Macworld Expo Keynote by Steve Jobs.

Also, you are welcome to check out other Teach with Tech podcasts at: http://www.indiana.edu/~icy/podcast/.


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