New Versions of MS Office for Mac!

MS Office 2008 for Mac now available!

Although MS Office 2007 for Windows has been available for a while, it’s been a long time coming for those on the Mac-side of things, but Microsoft has finally released Office 2008 for Mac. The being made available is Office 2008 Standard and is freely available for all IU affiliates. For the IU community both Windows and Mac versions of MS Office are available for download at the IUware website.

The new version of Office 2008 for Mac has many new features all which bring it up to similar functionality with MS Office 2007 for Windows. This new version is completely compatible with MS Office 2007 for Windows files (docx, xlsx, pptx).

– IC Staff

UPDATE (02/05/2008):

This IUware installer incorporates a custom fix for the security issue detailed in the following article: Security issue in MS Office 2008 Installer for Mac.

The original installer provided by Microsoft to IUware prior to 02/05/08 did not contain this fix. If you have previously installed Office 2008 you should run this custom installer found here: Office 2008 Standard Security Fix.

-IC Staff


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