Afraid to use Endnote? Here are some tricks…

Endnote may seem complicated. However, once you learn a couple of tricks, it becomes a nice, helpful software that can solve most of your citation management problems. Here are those tricks:

1) Use Endnote in collaboration with Scholar Google: If you go to Scholar Preferences and turn on and change “show links to import citations into” option to “Endnote”, you will see an “import into Endnote” link at the end of each search result. This will help you to import the citation directly into your library.

2) Attach your articles to citations: When you download the .pdf file for an article attach it to the corresponding citation entry in Endnote by right clicking on the entry and selecting “File Attachments”. This way, the next time you want to read the article, you can search for it with some keywords and open it from Endnote.

3) Keep the Endnote library and article folder in the same folder: If you put all the .pdf files in a folder and locate this folder in the same folder with the Endnote library, then you can move the big folder around. Moving the big folder will not affect the links from the Endnote citation entries to .pdf files because the links are relative.


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