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Frequently Asked Questions Q: “I created a forum in Oncourse but my students can’t see it. What’s going on?”

Let’s say you want your students to have a discussion outside of class and created a forum on Oncourse. Although you (the instructor) can view the forum, the student states that he or she is unable to see it.  What is going on?



In order for your students to see an Oncourse forum, two steps are necessary.

  • 1. Create the forum (which is a container for topics)


  • 2. Create, at least, one Topic within the forum (this is where the discussion will take place)

How to add a Forum and topic:

Click here to view a short video tutorial that helps you through the process or view the Oncourse Help article and follow the steps. 

Note: To see whether your students can see the forum and topic, it’s always a good practice to check the student view. This can be done by selecting “Enter student view” on the left toolbar.


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