YouTube EDU and other good websites for finding educational videos

video-filmstrip-colorUsing video has always been a popular instructional tool. However many find it surprisingly difficult to quickly find useful and appropriate educational video sources on the web.  

It has been an busy week for those of us interested in finding educational video content on the web.  On Tuesday, Academic Earth officially announced their launch, and Today Google announced their new service called YouTube EDU. 

The recent announcements got us talking here in the IC about the best websites for finding educational video content, beyond YouTube.  We have posted below, for you perusing pleasure, a short list of our favorite websites for finding instructionally useful video on the web.  Note that each of the websites provide different content, viewing options and formats, so if you have further questions regarding any of these resources, or want help with instructional strategies for integrating these video resources into your course please drop by the IC
       Specifically Educational: 

       Other Popular Sites:


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