Screen Sharing using Skype

screensharingThe latest version of the video conferencing software Skype (4.1 for Windows, 2.8 for Mac) gives users the ability to share their screens remotely – and for free! Although audio and video are great for communication, they are often insufficient to explain step-by-step procedures, such as inserting a video into PowerPoint 2007. Skype’s new feature allows users to share their desktops instead of using their webcams while continue to talk.

Potential applications for this new feature could be: demonstrating procedures, presenting documents, sharing videos, trouble shooting, etc.  

How to share your screen

Simply call a contact and click Share –> Share Your Screen in the IM toolbar (Windows) or Share –> Share Screen (Mac). If desired, one can either share the complete desktop or just a selection.

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3 responses to “Screen Sharing using Skype

  1. Presentations are a big part of my job and I want not just to go with the times, but to share my experience about remote presentations as well. Most of all I share my mind maps and projects (I use Conceptdraw software
    I show my presentations via Skype, it works with ConceptDraw easy and fast irrespectively the internet speed. All the participants can view and discuss in same time. Priceless.

  2. Skype screen sharing is pretty cool but it eats up a lot of bandwidth. I found a cool alternative is ConceptDraw MINDMAP. It has a built-in way to send your mind map over Skype for doing remote presentations that doesn’t bog down my connection speed.

  3. With the latest Skype 6 it is now possible to share presentations remotely via ConceptDraw. Check it out here:

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