Store and share any file with Google Docs…

Are you Google Docs Upload buttonworking on multiple computers and tired of hauling an external hard drive with all your files? Looking for a way to easily share your files with other users?

Recently, Google Docs ( added the new feature to upload and store your files online either for your own backup or to share with other people. In addition to collaborating on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations with multiple users, one can now use Google Docs as a regular file storage system similar to external hard drive or flash drive. Moreover, one can now easily share these files with other users.

One can upload any type of files (e.g., PDF, mp4, mp3, ppt) as long as a file size is less than 100MB. Overall, the free version of Google Docs limits users to a storage quota of 1 GB but additional space can be bought for $0.25/GB.

While you can simply upload and store file in Google Docs, users can also choose to convert some filetypes (e.g., word, powerpoint, excel) to Google Docs format for later online editing. For details on file formats and sizes that can be converted, click here (

To upload a file, simply click on the Upload button on the Docs list homepage (see image).

Potential Use:

This might be an alternative to Oncourse Resources to store and share files with a group of people (e.g., students).


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