Student Collaboration in the Online Classroom

An excellent special report on student collaboration and online learning has recently been disseminated by Faculty Focus.
“Using team assignments in an online course is an excellent way to create community and improve learning, but it’s not always easy. Student collaboration in the online classroom, like that in traditional face-to-face courses, requires careful course design, student preparation, and team management. Plus, a little extra creativity and perseverance.”
Whether you are a new or veteran online instructor, the Special Report on Student Collaboration in the Online Classroom can provide 32 pages of real-world guidance on how to implement team-based projects, troubleshoot them, and promote their success.
Some of the articles and concepts that you will find in the report include:
  • Comparing Online Peer Interaction Methods
  • Improving Results and Reducing Frustrations from Team Activities
  • Keeping Teamwork Alive, Motivated and Enthused!
  • Facilitating Student Interaction With Online Discussion Groups
  • Online Process-Oriented Group Projects

Get the report on Student Collaboration in the Online Classroom.
Visit the Faculty Focus website for more excellent resources on teaching and learning.


One response to “Student Collaboration in the Online Classroom

  1. I do agree with your article here regarding student collaboration in online courses which is really edgy. This may help built students or online courses educators a better ground for communication and team up but it’s not the best practice to achieve effective and efficient result of learning.

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