Free alternatives to easily create online self-check quizzes

Self-check quizzes provide an effective and relatively easy way for learners to reaffirm and reflect upon their current knowledge level about a specific topic. Learners are also able to identify topics that they have already mastered and those in which they still have some deficiencies or misunderstandings. Moreover, self-check quizzes can promote learning by providing detailed feedback for each question wrongly answered and increase learners’ motivation as they can consider these quizzes as a challenge to overcome in order to continue with the rest of the lesson.

Even though they are not graded, the results of the self-check quizzes could be used by instructors as a form of classroom assessment technique. Provided that the questions are properly written, instructors can identify sections of the content in which learners struggle the most by focusing on those questions that are most often answered incorrectly.

Contrary to online survey tools (such as or Google Forms), online quizzes provide assessment and feedback features. As soon as the learner submits the quiz, she receives feedback letting her know how well she did in the quiz, the right and wrong answers and even in depth feedback per question.

Oncourse comes with a convenient and flexible tool that allows faculty members to create quizzes and surveys. It is called “Original Test and Survey”. It provides the option for instructors to create tests as self-check quizzes, allowing students to submit them as many times as wanted.

There are not too many free decent alternatives to online quizzes. Hopefully Google will do something about it soon. For the time being, the best alternatives we have found are:

ClassMarker. []  The free version allows the creation of a functional HTML-based self-check quiz.  It is not possible to provide feedback per question. The data submitted is not saved so it is not possible to know how many quizzes have been submitted and what their results are. The educational version provides extra features; it costs around $25 dollars per year.

QuestionWriter. [] . It is a Windows platform desktop software that generates Flash-based quizzes. The free version allows the creation of functional quizzes which have the limitation of including just multiple choice questions. It has the functionality of providing feedback per question and to submit the quiz results to the instructor’s email address. The commercial license costs $195 (one time payment).

Please, do let us know if you happen to know about some other similar free tools!


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