Monthly IC Highlights – April 2010

1. IC Instructional Innovations Blog- Using Wikis to Promote Student Collaboration
Check out our recent IC blog post on using wikis for collaboration!  Make sure to regularly check the IC blog ( ) for the latest helpful tips, technology evaluations and helpful posts on cutting-edge instructional strategies and technologies.  There are new posts added nearly every week, and our blog goes back to 2006, so you can search all of our previous posts and resources.

2.  Podcast Episodes for Distance Education
The podcasts are a series of short videos, typically only 8-10 minutes in length, that address planning and teaching strategies for Distance Education.  In the video podcast series, Dr. Curt Bonk, Professor in Instructional Systems Technology, covers topics such as preparing effective activities, engaging students in discussions, and building instructor presence in an online environment.  Important issues such as providing feedback or reducing plagiarism are also highlighted.  Each video is supplemented with additional resources and examples.  There are currently nine videos available with more to come!

3. HP Digital Learning Environments Mini-Conference in Indianapolis, April 20th, 2010
These unique interactive one-day events are sponsored by HP and Intel.  They are being held throughout the United States, with on scheduled In Indianapolis in two weeks. Each Digital Learning Event is an immersive experience that provides K-12 decision-makers with state-of-the-art technology solutions delivered in hands-on learning environments.  The Teaching and Learning Track may be of particular interest to School of Education faculty who teach pre-service students.  In this track, sessions are hosted in Math, Science, Language Arts and Professional Development. This unique classroom environment lets you be a student for the day and experience compelling standards-based learning examples through technology and curriculum integration.  To Register, or for more information:

4. IU and Monroe County Electronic Waste Collection Days
Electronic Waste Collection Days, a free electronic waste recycling drive sponsored by Indiana University Bloomington will take place in Bloomington at the IU Stadium parking lot April 8-10, 2010.  In cooperation, Monroe County will be hosting Bulky Item Drop-off Days April 9th & 10th, 2010.  For more information on both events:

5. Faculty Focus – A Checklist for Facilitating Online Courses
There are two common assumptions about teaching online that can sink even the most well-meaning instructors.  One is that “teaching is teaching” regardless of whether it’s face-to-face or online and there’s no reason to deviate from the proven principles that work so well in the traditional classroom. The second assumption is that teaching online is all about the technology, and if you design your course properly, it pretty much runs itself.  Of course both assumptions are false, but where does that leave online instructors looking for guidance on the right way to teach an online course? A new research-based tool developed at Humboldt State University can help. Assessing Online Facilitation (AOF) can serve as a valuable guide to best practices in online teaching.  For more information visit the faculty focus website:


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