New Staff, New (Temporary) Location, Same Great Service!

We would also like to introduce our new members of the IC staff and welcome our GAs Aaron Zachmeier and Justin Whiting. Both are doctoral students in Instructional Systems Technology and have extensive consulting and teaching experience in the academic and corporate world. Aaron and Justin will be joining Dr. Karen Hallett-Rupp (Director), Peter van Leusen (Assistant Director), Eulho Jung (GA), and Ingu Kang (GA), who are continuing in their current positions. Please stop in and say hello.

Aaron Zachmeier

Aaron Zachmeier

Aaron Zachmeier is a PhD student in the IST Department. His research interests include apprenticeship and job design. Aaron has a varied work history. He has taught English in Russia, written for newspapers in the Deep South, edited textbooks in Mexico, and developed training in India. He has also helped faculty integrate technology into their teaching at San Diego State University and Empire State College. He can be reached at azachmei (at)

Justin Whiting

Justin Whiting

Justin Whiting is a PhD student in IST at Indiana University. His research interests focus on motivational factors of online, informal, and even extreme learning with the use of technology. He loves seeing innovative uses of technology to help people learn in new and exciting ways. Of particular interest are areas in music and the arts where technology is being used to create unique learning environments.  He also has past experience in corporate learning & training with Humana, Inc. and Qwest Communications. He can be reached at JusWhiti (at)

IC Office Summer 2012

IC Office Renovation

The Office of Instructional Consulting (IC) is undergoing renovation to include several new and exciting features available this fall. Stay tuned for more information about our grand re-opening. During the construction, IC staff and services (including b/w & color printing) are available in room 1235 on the ground floor of the School of Education. Please visit us at our temporary location or contact us at ic (at)


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