School of Education Classroom Renovation: Survey Results

It’s been several months since the School of Education completed its most recent classroom renovation project. Thirteen classrooms were recarpeted, repainted, refurnished, and equipped with new technology. The IC office has administered two surveys to collect feedback from instructors and students on their experience of the renovated classrooms. In both surveys, we asked questions about use, perception, and satisfaction. Overall, both instructors and students indicated their satisfaction with the renovated classrooms. One student’s comment: “Clean environments with maximum outlets for technology have been beneficial to all students.



Nearly all of the instructors we surveyed told us that they frequently used whiteboards and mobile podiums. Fewer had used the Smartboards and Apple TVs, but those who had told us that they appreciated the affordances of these technologies. About Apple TV, one instructor wrote: “It helped me display YouTube videos through Apple TV!” Instructors indicated high levels of satisfaction with whiteboards (89%), mobile podiums (79%), and chairs (79%) and tables with rollers (72%) (both of which are on rollers to allow instructors to easily reconfigure the classrooms).



One instructor provided the following comment on the new furniture: “In a limited amount of time, I was able to transform the room to suit many configurations. I even found myself creating new activities because I knew it would be efficient to move the classroom around. I REALLY like the mobility of the new furniture!”



Students indicated that they frequently used Smartboards and whiteboards. Like their instructors, students used Apple TV far less frequently. Students were quite satisfied with whiteboards (85%), the instructor stool (79%), and the chair with rollers (77%). One student evaluated the furniture thusly: “Group collaboration is made easier through the increased mobility of the seats!”



We in the IC office were pleased to see high levels of satisfaction regarding the renovated classrooms, but we would like to see technologies like Apple TV and Smartboard used more frequently. If you teach in one of the recently renovated classrooms and you’d like to try the Apple TV, the Smartboard, or any other classroom technology in your teaching, please send us an email at or stop by our office (room 2002).


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