Canvas Tips & Tricks – Series 1

To help you maximize the new features in Canvas, Instructional Consulting office will post a series of Canvas Tips & Tricks. The first series includes three tips to get you going.  More tips are forthcoming.

Tip 1: Notifications:
Canvas will automatically notify students about activity in your course. Students can receive updates to announcements, discussion topics, grades, replies to email or other activities.  Students can select whether to receive notifications immediately, daily, weekly, or never, and they can choose to be notified via email, SMS text message, Facebook, Twitter, and other web services.

To set your personal notifications go to
Canvas Guide of Notification
Video guide of Notification Preferences


To get to the Notifications page, click Your Name at the top of the Canvas page.

Tip 2: Speed Grader:
You can use SpeedGrader to grade assignments and provide feedback through Canvas. Comments and editing marks can be applied directly to submitted documents without downloading. You also can save time and provide audio and video comments.

For more detailed instruction with this link
Canvas Guide of Speed Grader



Tip 3: Collaboration:
Students can collaborate on a group document in real time. Instructors can choose to have students use Google Docs or Etherpad. Etherpad is similar to Google Docs and built right into Canvas. Students can use Google Docs but must have a Google account. Otherwise, students can use Etherpad, which does not require signing-up for an account.

For more detailed instruction with this link
Canvas Guide of Collaboration


If you have any questions or would like help setting up your Canvas course, feel free to visit Instructional Consulting Office (room 2002) or email us at


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